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Newness and New Year’s Day

us nydI like the beginning of  the new year for a lot of reasons, but one of my favorite things to do is my taxes.  Doing taxes is for me a little like what writing a Christmas letter is for most people– Christmas letters help us reflect on the past year, and so does doing our taxes for me– its a chance to go over the last year and realize what all we’ve done on our properties.  Carl, one of our beloved tenants, retired and moved to Las Vegas so we finally remodelled his apartment at 118 N 34th.  At 3145 Chicago we put on new cabinet fronts and a lot of cool light fixtures and found Jessee Ray and Kevin as tenants.  3304 Davenport was a total redo, with new furnace and AC, all the wood floors in 10 rooms were redone, the kitchen had a makeover, and it went from a graffitiized crazyland to a very elegant grand old house again.   Many new relationships have come, and a few have gone.

Tonight I got to spend some great time with some dear friends Tony and Heather Lombardo who are leaving for Maryland to be pastor at a church there.  Its a whole new experience for them, filled with some uncertainty and of course unknowing.  But thats what every year is.  Its what every month, week and day is.  We live on this constant path towards the unknown horizon– we do all the time.  But at the new year we mark this transition, and reset things.  We go on diets, determine to change our ways with resolutions, and make other dramatic changes sometimes.

But soon, like the Christmas lights we take down, new years day falls into the past and we leave it behind as a memory.  We walk again into the day to day regularness of our typical habits and forget about the newness of the new year.  A year from now it will be the old year, and it will all start over anew– again.

This is life.  So as with anything that renews, sometimes ideas fade and then come back as being good again.  We’ve decided to start meeting again regularly and openly for liturgy and study of the readings from the church calendar, probably on a weekly basis on a weekday– probably Tuesday, or perhaps Thursday, although Sunday pm is possible.  If you are interested in trying it out, we would be happy to have you join us.  Its a good supplemental for your Church commitments on Sunday, and its also a good alternative if you are in transition moving from one church but not yet finding the next (since we don’t meet Sundays, you can church-shop while you stay in some regular connectedness.  Feel free to contact Andy (andrewgustafson@creighton.edu) or Celeste (celestedawn@gmail) if you are interested or just have questions about joining us.

U2 NEW YEARS DAY video (1982)