Simple Free has evolved over the years.  It started around 2007, and was almost entirely single people.  As we grew and changed, people went different ways– to grad school out of state, overseas for missions, converted to Catholic, or just found other places better suited for their spiritual growth.  Here are some of us, and some who have been along side us at one time or another: 

417328_793284120426_817626776_nAndy Gustafson

I study philosophy, business, sociology and theology, and teach business ethics at Creighton University. I also renovate old apartments and houses in more difficult parts of town, and I employ semi-homeless guys to help me. I go to Iran quite a bit. I love 1985 Volvos and old VW fastbacks. I like simple free because it is simply focused on knowing and serving God, and the people in it are supportive, good examples to me, and just great.

Celeste Harvey Gustafson  I  am a professor and teach ethics at the College of St. Mary, in Omaha.  I wrote my dissertation on the importance of human nature claims for feminist ethics.  I love to garden, and like trying new recipies (like cucumber-avacado soup)!

Craig: Motorcyclist, Hockey-nut, computer guru.

Jen: Motorcyclist, Hockey-nut, fan of Oswald Chambers.


dave duffyDavid Dick  Writer, Musician, Librarian, Student, Feminist, perpetually curious and always ready to have an interesting conversation– particularly about religion, politics, or punk music.



Heidi Tonne (alum)
When I moved to Omaha  five years ago I thought I would study for a year and leave.  Little did I know I would fall in love with my job, my neighborhood, and the vision of community. Heidi is a nurse at the Nebraska Medical Center.  I work with kids and adults on an inpatient cancer unit and find joy in caring for them at the most difficult times in their lives. In my free time I enjoy cooking and baking (especially bread!), traveling, music, eating pizza with friends, and spending time with my family in Minnesota.

Annie: Student Director of Creighton University Cortina Program.  Graduate Student at Creighton.

Wyatt: Cool guy who works three jobs and goes to school– all full time.  Likes eating meals with others.

Abbey (alum) : High School and University instructor, perpetual student.  Union rep.

Emily Hunt (Alum)
Currently studying at Baylor for my Ph.D.,  I’m a native of Greensboro, NC and a graduate of Taylor University in Indiana. I lived in Omaha for three years and worked as a resident director and director of the Cortina community at Creighton University. Cortina is a residential program where students focus on the pillars of community, faith, service and justice. I’ve also been involved with Tiny Hands International, an NGO committed to injustices against women and children in south Asia. I love Tarheel basketball!

Zach McDonald (alum)
I’m a schoolteacher.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and spent a few years in the dying industry of printed news before returning to school. God has blessed me in so many ways through Simple Free that I can hardly begin to name them.  I just got married in 2014 to my beautiful wife Sarah.

Robbie Miller (Alum)
Robbie ran the PAC house for some time in the Park-Avenue area, a community-oriented communal house emphasizing spiritual habits and togetherness. He is a math teacher in Council Bluffs where I try to be a light to the teenagers. I also got married just a couple years ago, and love my wife and kid a lot.  I am  passionate about my community and serving my neighbors. When not serving or teaching I enjoy Indiana basketball, movies, and video games.


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