Book Klub

Our Book Klub has been meeting pretty regularly for over 7 years.  Usually it meets at Upstream on Wednesday nights, where we enjoy the pizza and pint night from 9pm-on.  Many of us consider the BookKlub one of the most important activities of Simple Free.  Many people have come to it who do not come to our sunday night liturgy.  Our goals is to challenge us and to provide opportunity to read together works on Church history, social criticism or theoretical issues which are not often addressed in the church.  We’ve read a wide variety of books including the following:

131 Christians Everyone Should Know


Evangelicals and Tradition by DH Williams makes a great argument that evangelicals should draw on the resources of the early church– particularly the liturgical and other historical practices.

evangelicals and tradition

ON Evil (summer 2013) was by a Catholic Marxist Literary Critic, Terry Eagleton.



Devil Reads Derrida was a provocative book by James K.A. Smith of Calvin College Philocophy Department. devil derrida

Perhaps our most ambitious read, Bruce Shelly’s very thick but very readable book on Church History took us nearly 3 months to get through.


Hans Boersma’s book Heavenly Participation

hans boersma

Mark Noll’s book on theological arguments for and against slavery in the civil war was a provocative book meant to help us think about how that we bring biblical arguments in support of our political and personal viewpoints.


James KA Smith’s work on how that Christianity is not merely head knowledge, but should be oriented around what our heart desires, and training ourselves with good habits and wants…

desiring kingdom

Our first bookklub was an investigation of different views of men and women’s roles in the church– some think that men and women have differing roles (women should not be pastors, or teach men, for example– the complimentarian view (Grudem and Piper) while others think that women and men have equal roles (Egalitarianism (Pierce & Grothius and Fee)     piper boodiscovering-biblical-equality-complementarity-with_publication


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