About S.F.C.

All About Simple Free

27th and Dewey

You are welcome at Simple Free Anytime!

WHEN/WHERE– we have met at various places and times.  Spring of 2015 we met at 3126 Chicago St. (the vic), Omaha 68131. Eat together at 6:30, study readings at 7, liturgy at 7:40ish, and have prayer requests around 8:10ish.

We meet for study, prayer, and liturgy. We give money to various projects nearby usually.

In a nutshell, we are just a  small group of Christians who encourage each other towards love and doing good by praying together, being together, studying Christianity together, and working together on the Gifford Park Neighborhood.

THEOLOGICALLY, we hold to the early church councils, a high view of scripture, and the basic theology of historical orthodox Christianity, from  a protestant perspective.

We like to redeem and reuse what has been broken and fallen into disrepair. To turn possibilities into actualities and transform the useless into the beautiful.

 WHY?:  We want to have a simple church practice which is focused on the basics of Christian life and practice without large overhead, without elaborate services, and with a focused attention on the Gifford Park/Park Avenue area.

What?: We want to provide love and accountability to each other to walk the talk, and to be involved in others lives and to also maintain a healthy personal spiritual life.

 1. No paid pastor– we rotate the simple responsibility of officiant (the leader of liturgy) amongst ourselves.

2. No expensive building (use existing structures instead of spending money and time and energy to build another church when there are dying churches in old buildings all around us)  We meet in the basement of a building saved from demolition.

3. Use Liturgy: The church calendar gives us direction. Ancient prayers and songs help us worship without having to reinvent the wheel.

4. Use Hymns: Not only does this avoid the commercialized Christian Music licensing, it provides a means of participating in historical forms of worship with solid theology and no need for band practice.

5. Open handed Basic Theology: We believe the basics of protestant Christianity, but support diversity of opinion on many issues including Calvinism/Arminianism, egalitarian/complimentarian, and many other debates, and acknowledge the mystery of many theological issues. A big tent theology with only the basic fundamentals of Christianity, but without specific requirements on many of the age-old debates provides a more inclusive and less divisive basis for community.

6. Congregationally Responsible: Rather than a hierarchical model found in Catholic or strong-elder-rule churches, our group is congregationally driven and congregationally initiated.  We trust that the Spirit speaks through each person in different ways.  This model is akin to the traditions of Menonites, home churches, free churches, baptists, Quakers, voting Presbyterians, and Brethern models.  We have a leadership team of 3 who are elected, and who then facilitate church decisions by making proposals which are discussed and decided by the whole church.  We came to this model after doing a study together o

7.  Seeking thoughtful awareness: We hope to know various positions on different topics, in order to help us come to our own reasoned views rooted in scripture, tradition and history.   Our approach on issues to enable those with us to learn about multiple perspectives so that they can have a faith informed by the history of the church and open minded thinking. 

8 Stewardship: Our goal is to give most of what our people Tithe to those in need– focusing on the widows and fatherless and disabled and poor in our neighborhood.  For the upcoming year we are holding on to 1/3 of the money that comes in for contingent needs that arise in our neighborhoods.  The rest is designated to the following:

a. In Common Com. Development http://incommoncd.org/

b. Ryan Youtz, missionary to Uganda (he is from Simple Free)

c. Steven Stout’s Good Neighbor Ministries over by 28th and Woolworth.

d. Neighbors United (we supply food and feed the homeless there once every 3 months) on Park Avenue.  Usually its about 300 meals.

e.  The Neighborhood Bike shop by 33rd and California in Gifford Park

We have a facebook page at:http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=32507566#/group.php?gid=100998097389&ref=ts


Q: Are you part of the ‘simple church’ movement? 

A: Not as far as we know.

Q: Is Simple Free an ‘Emergent’ church ala rob bell, McClaren and others?  A: No.  We abide by the Free Church statement of faith, although we are not adament on their position on premillenialism, because we don’t claim to know end-times theology clearly.

Q: What is your stance on egalitarianism? 

A: We don’t have a position on it as a church.  Simple Free Attenders have freedom to hold to complimentarian or egalitarian views, just like with most non-essential particular theological or structural beliefs.  We do, however, allow women to serve on the leadership team if the church votes them on.

MORE QUESTIONS?  Call 402 669 9846 or write andy at andrewgustafson@creighton.edu  Thanks.


8 responses to “About S.F.C.

  1. As I told Andy some time earlier, I found this inspiring. Throughout this year I have found myself spending more time trying to figure out what I do and don’t believe as well as how I relate to and make sense of the Bible. In the end i’ve found that i’ve missed the entire point – acting out my faith and living a life of love. It’s more than apparent that this is a community with a genuine desire to grow in God and put forth that love through simple (and i guess some not so simple) acts, as well as integrating and incorporating yourselves with all different sorts of people. Love in action as well as a desire to seek an authentic love for God is amazing. Im sure it seems like it can be an uphill battle sometimes (undoubtedly an understatement), but keep running the race!

  2. Hey Andy,
    Aaron invited me onto the renewomaha website and I found a link here. I love it. I belive the last thing I read was a mission statement of sorts. Not simple, but very profound in its stated objectives. Redeeming and resusing… broken and fallen…transforming…useless into beautiful. I love it!
    I am compelled by this vision and that of renewomaha.
    If I showed my wife, she’d want to move. So for now, she doesn’t get to see it!!!
    God bless you all.

  3. Are you affiliated with Core church? I have been searching for some place to fit. To worship, fellowship, serve etc. I am single and 57 yrs old and have experienced the fact that the older you are the less needed you become. I am tired of “church” as I have known it, using my small amount of money I give(I am on disability)to be used to keep up the appearance and maintenance of the church building. There are people starving, homeless, unskilled, out of work and on and on. I feel like my time is wasted and Im running out of time. I am at the point of dropping out so to speak and once again I feel like a failure.
    I have been saved for over 20 yrs. I was fortunate to be a part of a group that sounds very much like what your site speaks of. We had a clothing pantry, food pantry, fed the homeless and helped each other as well. Everyone seemed to scatter and Ive never found anything like that since. Now I am older and have experienced some serious health issues but I am at the point that if this is what its all about…what Ive been experiencing for the past 15 yrs. I dont see that it even comes close to the original church the Bible speaks of, Im done. It appears to not even be real. Its like some game we call “lets play christianity”. Some spare tire we attach to our everyday life?
    I know in my heart God has much more. Yes I also know it comes with a price. But Im tired of this game Im playing.
    Im sorry for rambling…I hope you have something of real value to respond with.
    Ill be waiting to hear from you!
    Lucia Greco

  4. simplefreechurch

    Hi! Some of us have gone to Core, but only one does presently. Some at Simple Free go no where else, others of us go to a Sunday service somewhere or another. Simple Free is our spiritual homebase though, I’d say. We don’t have a food pantry, or feed the hungry from our church directly, but we are friends with groups who do…and we have them come share opportunities with us to serve. There are good things happening in Park Ave and Gifford Park and we can serve those currently established groups (like Good Neighbor ministry, or the PAC house) I have coffee with some homeless guys at my house each morning. We have friendships with a lot of the struggling people in our neighborhood. We’d be happy to have you join us. I am going out of town for two weeks tomorrow, but I will return on May 24th so I’ll be there for the Tuesday 26th service. You are welcome to come to Tuesday night anytime (it will be going when I’m not around) We meet in our basement for study and liturgy. If you wanted to meet before you come, I’d be happy to do so, or one of the others could just as well. Let me know what you think. My number is 669 9846 and we can talk more. Thanks so much for writing! It means a lot. Andy Gustafson

  5. Roger Messner

    Hey Simple!

    Finally got around to reading this and I am really excited for you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


  6. Hi there! We’re updating some of our website(s) at inCOMMON and were just going to let you know that the link you have for “Neighbors United (Mosaic)” is going to be completely removed from the web today.

    If you’d like to updated it to “Neighbors United (inCOMMON)”, here is the new link: http://incommoncd.org/about/ministries/commonground/neighbors-united/

    Thanks! 🙂

  7. Andy,
    I just looked at and read some of the info on your website. Sounds interesting–good for you to do what the Lord leads you to do and make a difference in your corner of the world.
    Change of topic: We watched a DVD of Louis Giglio on the vastness of the universe–pretty neat. Take care. Marla

  8. Pastor ndizeye jackson

    Helllo sfc brethren i appreciate you activies iseek for partnership Thanks

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