The new meeting space for simple free.

27th and DeweySimple free church is not a normal church. Many people who come to simple free go to other churches on Sunday mornings.    The main purpose of simple free is to provide a space for anyone who is spiritually seeking who may not quite fit in traditional church or for those of us who desire something in addition to other services we attend.  We try to encourage, challenge, and know each other.  Besides our liturgy sundays, we do things meant not to grow an institution, but to just be useful to anyone, hopefully especially those who feel burned out on or burnt by ‘church’. 

DSC00037A central vision of Simple Free has always been to help people who are on the fringes to be in community with fellow believers, and to find a space to honor God  through more simple ancient forms of worship like liturgy and hymns, as well as reading Scripture together.   We are interested in Church history and do a book club at Upstream, but we try not to get too cerebral, and to keep things practical.  We also seek to be involved in our community in concrete ways– particularly the Gifford Park and Park Avenue areas. 

Now Simple Free has a unique opportunity to meet together in a basement whichth_100_3664 matches their DNA.  Andy and a partner bought 2709 Dewey St (just one block north of 27th and Harney, 3 blocks north of 27th and Dodge) in 2009 when it was boarded up and covered in gang graffiti.  Some had wanted to tear it down, and it had been neglected long before it was abandoned in 2005 after a double homocide occurred here.  But there was promise in the building– and with a lot of time and effort and belief, the building got transformed. 

th_100_3651It took 3 years of rehabilitating to redeem this building, and in April of 2012  it became fully inhabited, with 8 units completed.  It felt good to see the transformation.  This fall the cement floor in the basement was finished and an outside entrance on the west side was added. 

th_100_3662This will be the entrance to the space where we will meet for simple free from now on at 6pm on Sunday nights.  Its a cave, but a cool cave! We will plan to have something to eat together at 6, and then start around 6:30ish.  This first week will be pretty informal– mostly just enjoying and arranging stuff in the space.   Just come in the entrance on the west (right) side of the building, under the fire escape stairs.   Anyone is welcome to come, anytime they feel like it.   If you have questions, text or call Andy 4026699846, Ryan Youtz 4026772692 or Celeste 3083807488 or David Dick 402 5982322

If you want to donate cool furniture or candles, cool pictures of the last supper or velvet paintings of any kind, let us know… 🙂


th_100_3663 th_100_3665 354


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