Lords Supper — Communion — Communing — Community

There is something important about eating and drinking together.  Its a sign of solidarity, of closeness.  Often you have special meals when you celebrate something– like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, wedding receptions, or other special holidays or events.   The last supper Jesus had with his disciples was important for many reasons– it was the last time he would eat with them before he was crucified, but it was also an important moment of commemoration and a passing on of a special tradition to encourage them in their faith and solidarity.

Some churches have the priest give you the wine, and you go up front to get it.  Some churches pass out the wine in small cups.  Some leave it up front but you get it yourself.  Simple Free is small enough that we pass the cup from one person to the next.  When the bread is passed, you say “the body of Christ, the bread of heaven” and when you pass the cup you say “the blood of Christ, shed for you”.  When you say this to your brother or sister next to you, you are saying out loud what you believe– it is a testimony to the fact that we believe and have faith that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world, so that we can be free.  This is not a place where you have to justify your belief– you simply confess and we confess together as we pass the cup from one to another.  Communion is a time where we commune together and reaffirm our faith as a community.  We serve each other, and are served by each other.  We share our faith out loud and this is in itself an encouragement. 

Christ said to “do this in remembrance of me” and we do remember the sacrifice of Christ each week together.


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