Simple Free People

Its almost Easter.  Lent is almost come to a close.  We anticipate it and look forward to it because it is our celebration of the risen Christ.

We have so much to be thankful for, and this weekend is a celebration in other ways as well for Simple Free.  One of our people, Elijah, is getting married this weekend to Liz!!  We are so happy for them and for the joy that will come from that marriage.

Monday our brother Ryan Youtz leaves the US to go to Uganda as a long-term missionary, working with young adults in Kampala, as a partner in Ravens Ministries.  We will really miss him, but we are so excited for him and know that is where he is to be.

Finally, we are doing the feeding at neighbors united on Saturday, providing HAM SANDWICHES (Zach’s idea) in honor of Easter.

For those of you who don’t come to our service, we thought it might be interesting to learn a little about those who make up our group.  Not everyone is represented on this page, but a lot are, and it gives you a feel for the mission and mindset of people who come to our Tuesday night study and liturgy:

Thanks to Ryan for putting that page together!



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