Getting emeshed in the lives of the poor

asm_P1010898So during liturgy at our group tonight I was thinking about my guys who work for me– the guys who come for coffee each morning at 830 most of whom were semi homeless when I met them. Most have some alcohol related tendencies. This morning I helped one of them to get connected with a guy who will pay off his tickets so he can drive again– the guy needs my guy to help him drive back cars he buys. So employment! Another of my guys has been helping me a lot and is best working on his own– without others to distract him or get him to drink. We got him a TV converter today, and got his brakeline fixed (he has no money really, so our agreement is: “you help me, and I help you” 🙂 But a third one of my guys was thowing up blood tonight and I got three calls– one from him and two from Karin (a lady who helps me) telling me that he was going to the hospital in an ambulance because he’d passed out. Hopefully we’ll know by morning how he is. Coffee won’t be the same without Richard there tomorrow…and so, when your life gets emeshed in the lives of the poor, God does bless you in new ways, and gives you concerns you’d never have if you didn’t involve the poor in your life…


4 responses to “Getting emeshed in the lives of the poor

  1. simplefreechurch

    Richard is OK. He had had a blood vessel burst in his stomach. He should be home in a day or two now…

  2. thanks for the update

  3. Good news…

  4. simplefreechurch

    I visited Richard today (Sunday june 21) he is OK. Has lots of tubes in him. He is hoping to get out by Wednesday maybe. Hes still weak but has been walking up and down the hall a bit.

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