Helping Widows in Kenya

lindaThis Tuesday we will have Linda Spriegel (Andy’s big sister) with us from Kenya sharing about her Tabitha ministry which is directed towards widows in Kenya who in many cases would be forced into prostitution to provide for their family. What started as a small study developed into a ministry whcih helpes provide seed and fertilizer, new mud houses, and cows to these widows, alongside a very active bible study which has many groups reaching over 1,000 women weekly. If you’d like to hear about this ministry come at 6pm for a cookout at our place, and then Linda will share with us for about an hour… Call Andy if you have questions: 669 9846

Check out their sites:


One response to “Helping Widows in Kenya

  1. simplefreechurch

    thanks to everyone who came out tonight! I know Linda was encouraged by you coming, and it was fun to see you all! — Andy

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