Roto-Tilling to a new tomorrow

asm_park-garden-001The last few days I’ve been roto tilling up a lot of yard at the six-plex on Park Avenue and planting potatoes, onions, beans, beets, peppers, tomatoes, and garlic, as well as a lot of trees and shrubs. I went out to get this roto-tiller at Sol’s pawnshop, and Sol himself sold it to me. I also got to meet his fix-it guy who seems to be able to repair anything from golfcarts and chainsaws to snowblowers and outboard motors, from the looks of the fixit shop. Of course I liked that guy right away. When I got this 6plex back in August, the backyard was pretty overgrown. We are gradually turning it into a forrest and a garden simultaneously, and it feels good. Tilling up the dirt, planting seeds I know will grow to produce, and planting 4 foot trees which will someday be 40 feet tall seems like something we are supposed to do– something we were made to do. Its an act of hope– especially planting fruit trees which will not produce for 7 years. Of course rabbits and neighbors will probably enjoy some of the fruits of our labors, but thats fine– the cool thing is that we are transforming what was once a weedy back yard strewn with beer bottles into a garden. It is a redemption of the land. The friends who live in the building are getting excited too– some are planting their own stuff, and everyone is offering to help keep it up when I’m gone for a couple weeks. The neighbors are also paying attention and taking notice– they see that we care, and that makes them happy– and me happy.asm_img_08782asm_img_08843asm_park-garden-003



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