Limits of Grace

asm_3126-chicago-a1Simple Free meets in the basement of our house.  Our house has 7 guys living in it, soon 8.  Some are Christian, some are not.  We’ve all got our issues, some have more than others.  I want to make this house a place of peace but also a refuge for some who need a hand.   Extending grace is important to me, but sometimes a limit is reached where I really wonder if the grace is helpful.  Its hard to know when you are being kind, and when you are being an enabler.  Of course it is difficult to give grace at all– that is one side of the coin.  It is easier to just live a selfish life cut off from others in any significant way.  But there is another side which is the difficulty of giving grace– having some sense of when to stop, when to shake the dust off your feet, stop throwing your pearls out there, or whatever your metaphor might be…Knowing the limits of grace is hard, especially when you are swedish and prefer to avoid confrontation…             –Andy


One response to “Limits of Grace

  1. “By His loving kindness does He draw us.”

    Let me know when you get it figured out. My biggest struggle with grace is receiving it.

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