The Latest Renovation/Redemption Project

27th and Dewey

I am just about finished with renovating a 6 plex near Leavenworth and Park Avenue. We have solid tenants living there now, who really want to make the neighborhood better. When I bought it in August of 08 it had been boarded up for a long time, the copper pipes stolen, the wiring boxes ripped out, and garbage left everywhere from the squatters who broke in. The latest project is an 8 plex at 27th and Dewey. Even my ‘guys’ who work with me said that that neighborhood is ‘tough’. I am hoping that by transforming this building we will make a significant inroad into changing this neighborhood and getting a foothold to start a positive space/habitation that can eat into the trouble and overtake the trouble in the neighborhood. Obviously tagging is an issue in this neighborhood, and we will fight that. If you want to see lots of pictures of the 8 plex check out: 
 –Andy Gustafson (

One response to “The Latest Renovation/Redemption Project

  1. And what a privilege it has been to move into your six plex. I’m excited to see how the new place at 27th and Dewey will spur on transformation.

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