coffee time with the locals

Lately, 3-4 mornings per week I’ve been having coffetimeIzzy, Richard and Mike come over for coffee around 830. They are guys who live in the neighborhood and do work for me on various projects– from sanding floors to painting to tilework or fixing windows. They have all lived in my places at one time or another, and they are all on gov’t assistance to various extents. All of them have been homeless at some time. They live on the edge in many respects. I learn a lot from them about steadfastness, habits, alcohol, and myself. Izzy and Richard have been alcohol free for three weeks now, and Mike just inherited some money, but is continuing to work and to try to be responsible with his money. I like the rhythm of having them over most mornings, and I think it is good for them too– we laugh and talk about current events or whats going on on 33rd street. I really do enjoy these guys.  Its not an earth-shaking selfless act to make coffee and serve these guys, but they enjoy it and appreciate it.  Its one of those small habits that makes a small difference in the lives of those in my neighborhood.  I’d be interested to hear about other people’s experiences reaching out in small ways like that to their neighbors…


2 responses to “coffee time with the locals

  1. simplefreechurch

    This morning I got a call at 815am from Izzy. He wanted me to know he wouldn’t be coming for coffee, and that he would if he could…but he’d been in the hospital overnight because of pnemonia. He showed up later this morning and we went over his meds directions and I got him on a schedule for taking his pills. Of course we had some coffee too…helping the homeless does mean your lives begin to get inextricably tied up with theirs– I missed an appointment with a student this morning because I was helping out Izzy, but thats OK some days…

  2. This morning (4/15) Izzy and Mike and I were having coffee as usual. Mike was having some troubles and suddenly blurted out “I’m depressed, lets say a prayer– will you say a prayer?” and so I prayed for us and for our day and especially for Mike. It was pretty spontaneous, and it really made my day.

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