Cleaning up is a suspicious business

Last Saturday, Jan. 17, we went out and cleaned up some of the unpleasantness at 31st and Davenport. There was a whole slew of mess to clean up, but we stuck to mostly brush and weeds, which was more than enough to fill Andy’s truck. The trash will have to wait until the snow is gone.

As soon as we showed up, I thought to myself, “Someone is going to call the cops on us.”
Sure enough, about 30 minutes into it, three cops showed up and said someone told them we were dumping stuff. They immediately realized we weren’t and that, in fact, we were doing the complete opposite, so they left.
It was funny because we showed up with a completely empty pickup truck that got fuller and fuller, but someone still thought we were dumping.
It’s understandable. It was an odd thing we were doing. It’s not like we were painting a house or helping an elderly woman across the street, something you see and immediately say, “Oh, that’s a good thing.” We were four strangers rummaging around in a corner of the neighborhood that needed some attention.
All things considered, it was a great day.

2 responses to “Cleaning up is a suspicious business

  1. When is the next Simple Free Church community outreach?

  2. The Free Church in New Orleans does that too. I do not remember them getting reported for it! Doing even good things gets misunderstood often. Welcome to ministry and God bless you folks!

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